About us

Little Crumbs aims to unlock curious minds through magical and wholesome, adventure boxes. From personalised subscriptions to mini mindful sets and more. 

Learning through cooking, Creativity & connecting with nature

Love our planet

We go the extra mile to ensure our products are plastic free, and we are proud to use materials that make a difference, from our biodegradable and compostable vacuum pouches to our eco tape and 70% recycled boxes. We love to re-use and that’s why many of our products, such as our scavenger hunt cards and potion making sets come in cute re-usable tins, that you can store your magical treasures in after use.

Screen-free play

We are on a mission to teach children to enjoy digital-free playtime. Creating a magical childhood full of memories with loved ones, encouraging them to connect with the world around them and learning through a hands-on approach instead of through an unrealistic digitalised world. Why play as your favourite hero? When there is a world around you where you can be your own hero. 

handmade with love

I make everything by hand with love, in my studio in the North-East of England. As a small business ourself, I am proud and passionate about putting other small businesses at the heart of what we do, from our printers to our illustrator and seamstress, we ensure we support smaller, family run and local businesses around us.

Hello, I'm Sarah, Founder of Little Crumbs.

As a child I would visit a toy shop in Germany that held a ‘Kinder Fest’ each year, there was an organic sense of magic from the sunflower arch over the river to the products sold, activities and detailed gift wrapping. I was convinced that fairies lived under this arch and would patiently watch for a glimpse. 

I wanted to re-create this sense of magic and excitement that I felt as a child for other children and encourage them to connect with nature, and enjoy less screen time, knowing the joy and benefits that I personally got from this. A world where you can be creative, jump in muddy puddles, have adventures and most of all create magical memories with family. 

My degree in Food science and Nutrition also brought about a passion to encourage children to cook and create in the kitchen – a priceless, rewarding and vital skill that I believe every child should become comfortable with whilst expanding their pallet and discovering new flavours. 

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