About us

Children in the kitchen can be messy business! Little Crumbs takes the stress out of cooking with children and creates a world where they can experiment with new flavours, explore their senses and understand where their food comes from.

Meet Sarah...

Little Crumbs founder Sarah runs all the classes and has a degree in Food Science and Nutrition. She is also fully DBS checked, and is first aid and food hygiene certified

Cooking is a rewarding experience that allows children to learn a basic life skill that they will use for the rest of their life. Whilst also providing hands on fun that will allow the child to develop:

  • Encouraging healthy eating habits
  • Reading
  • Early concepts of maths and science
  • Following directions
  • Measuring
  • Fine motor skill development
  • Build small muscle control
  • Hand eye coordination
  • Contributes to children emotional development and self-assurance as they build confidence in their abilities of
    creating something they can eat.
  • Being exposed to different ingredients will allow children from a young age to be open to trying more foods.
  • Meeting kids of similar ages to interact with outside of school time.

Little Crumbs has been designed to make food fun, through weekly hands on, creative and educational cookery classes . Each week the children will cook something different from pizzas to biscuits where they will use a variety of skills and gain an understanding of where their food comes from along the way. Where appropriate the 5-10 year classes will touch on the fundamentals of a good balanced diet and the science behind food.

In our 3-6 year classes we ask that you stay with your Little Crumbs however in the 5-10 year classes you can stay and enjoy some quality time or drop off and pick up. Ingredients, equipment and aprons are provided for each session however we ask that you bring along a Tupperware box to take home your baked goods.

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