With the Summer holidays upon us, we thought we would narrow down our top 5 travel games, to take with you on your adventures.With a range of games that you can throw in a bag with ease, to give the whole family hours of screen – free fun.

Scavenger Hunt Cards

Our Scavenger Hunt Cards are great for: 

  • Hours of family fun 
  • A perfect addition to any outdoor trip or indoor rainy day
  • Great at encouraging sensory discovery
  • Makes perfect stocking fillers or party bags
  • Packaged in a small cotton bag and re-usable tin

IMYOGI Yoga Cards

Hand illustrated inclusive yoga cards yoga cards for kids. Yoga is a great mindful activity for the little ones, helping to increase self confidence, body awareness and mindfulness. The IMYOGI deck contain 30 cards, split into 6 colour-coordinated categories that will take you through a well-rounded yoga practice, from warm-up to cool-down. Creating sequences will be a breeze for you and so much fun for the little ones. The back of each card is colour coordinated to indicate its category. It also includes simple steps to guide you correctly and safely into the pose, along with the name of the animal and its habitat, a fun way to combine learning about yoga and nature.

Head & Tail Card Game 

Learn and play with these colourful Head and Tail cards. Creating hours of screen-free fun.

Ideal for:

  • Improving concentration
  • Training visual memory
  • Increasing attention to detail
  • Finding similarities and differences
  • Classifying objects
  • Improving vocabulary

Story Tokens 

keepsake tin complete with 16 adventure themed Story Tokens cut & engraved in solid cherry wood.Head to the moon, camp out under canvas, or discover the magic feather to lead you to the treasure.


Children can create stories by choosing their favourite tokens one by one. Alternatively, with the blank sides facing up, they can take turns to pick up the token & use the pictures to guide their story. For more players, divide the tokens up, then take turns around the circle. Alternatively, create your own games & rules…

Who am I ?

Who am I ?A baker, a lion, or even a watering can? You need a cool head to win this game, because only those who ask just the right questions and combine them in just the right way can come out victorious. 

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