Benefits of connecting children with nature: 

Fighting dragons, battling ninjas or kicking a ball around…. This isn’t an ad for fifa or Assassins Creed but rather something we have always had, the great outdoors (and yes there really is a reason it is called ‘great’)  Why play as your favourite hero when there is a world around you where you can be your own hero? Jumping from trees and creating your own mystical kingdom. Creativity, imagination, independence; none of these vital skills are going to be learnt from the TV screen or the new Playstation. 

Nature is imperative for cognitive growth particularly in younger children. Putting them in an environment where they can naturally think and make their own choices in how they react and connect with the world around them, you don’t need to search these things on google or teach it when you can find it right outside your door. Instead of learning from a book, learn from experience! Create that independence from the beginning and allow them to find themselves.

With so many children learning through a hands-on approach, it is a wonder why more classes aren’t taught in our pre-existing sensory world of nature. No need for video games or virtual reality when our own world is this incredible. Allowing for socialising and natural problem solving you have the greatest teacher at the tip of your finger tips, essential lessons that a classroom can’t truly capture and free of charge, you don’t need to be enormously wealthy or trending to have access to this invaluable resource, you just have to let yourself be taken by the wonders of wildlife.

There is an inherent desire to reach out and have adventures which is why we can learn best when we are free to explore, being surrounded by nature has timeless and ageless possibilities, children are able to develop an unparalleled connection to the outdoors and to the lessons that they can learn. Not only that but unique bonds can be created with those whom they share their time outdoors creating closeness and understanding between all ranges of life. Siblings and friends creating their own worlds or parents seeing through a new lense of their child, multiple generations all exploring the same world. 

Capturing the attention of children can be difficult to help them learn and reach out, but being out in nature allows concentration to be developed  through the various experiences and materials in nature meaning that children can learn to focus on particular tasks. But in particular it can reduce the symptoms of ADD and ADHD in children, with such variations of activities that can take place in the outdoors, ADHD children don’t have to struggle with focusing on one thing and can thus improve their concentration, allowing for an easier lifestyle. 

The constant changes in the world mean that there are endless possibilities in what can be explored and learnt. Being stuck in a classroom with no release can result in agitation and pent up energy that can be expelled through negative disturbances. This rural environment can improve both physical and mental health, without the constant demand for close attention, children are able to relax and calm themselves allowing their body to gain a break from the stressful environments that may be draining them. 

Mental health is a constant concern for parents and it is vital that these children are supported. Through nature and being outside children can expel energy and also release anger, fear and stress, which at this time is most advantageous, as well as increasing calming and happy thoughts allowing them to then improve their mindset and focus better on their learning and set tasks. But nature has incredible advantages physically too through improving your wellbeing and reducing your stress hormones as well as reducing blood pressure, muscle tension and heart rate. With such advantageous results it seems simple… we all need nature!

Through the turbulent times that all people have gone through, it is vital for consistency and a chance to escape the screen that we rely on so much, particularly for children and for so many of them stuck at computers or hidden behind masks it can be hard not knowing what is coming, but the world is waiting for them and is ready to greet them mask free with swaying trees. Nature has been unchanged through this time, giving children a place to go to that will always be there for them. While there will be a limitless world to explore, the forests and fields will always be there to play and absorb, making learning less of a chore and bringing excitement and the real world together from a young age. 

Relax in an emerald escape and watch your kids grow as they explore in awe of the growing giants and show them the beauty that’s always been around them. Whether it is a quick trip to the local park, a walk in the woods or a weekend camping getaway, there has never been a more important time to explore and appreciate the great outdoors and I think we can all now see why it truly is so great.

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