Little Crumbs Subscription Boxes

What’s it all about?

In August 2019 I set up Little Crumbs with the aim to make food fun through hands on, creative and educational cookery classes. My degree in Food Science and Nutrition educated me into understanding, how vital it is that we all learn the basic life skill of cooking. The experience that will feed us, bring us together in a social manor and have a positive effect on our health later in life. Cooking also allows children to develop a variety of valuable skills at an early age. These include: 

  • Encouraging healthy eating habits
  • Reading
  • Early concepts of maths and science
  • Following directions
  • Measuring
  • Fine motor skill development
  • Build small muscle control
  • Hand eye coordination
  • Contributes to children emotional development and self-assurance as they build confidence in their abilities of creating something they can eat.
  • Being exposed to different ingredients will allow children from a young age to be open to trying more foods.

End the day covered in flour & glitter …

A study conducted by the San Diego State University showed that when smartphones are used by children between the ages of 2 and 17, their emotional wellbeing and mental health can be harmed. Horrified by the amount of children living in a virtual world, I wanted to create something that would create memories, through hands on activities with their friends and family, instead of adding up their screen time. I am a strong believer that children should end their day covered in flour and glitter and this should be a magical experience of creativity including jumping in muddy puddles. Taking this into consideration our subscription boxes where born and will be launched in November 2019. 

Whats inside?

Our boxes are aimed at age 3-10 and will be delivered nationwide. Each box will contain a short story that includes the same characters throughout. Each story end’s with the characters receiving their own Little Crumbs box, creating a relatable, recognisable and rememberable experience. We have designed character profile cards that can be collected as each box is received or can be purchased as a pack online. Inside the children’s box will be an envelope addressed to the child and posted from Mrs Crumb, this will enclose wholesome family activity cards including a recipe card, an educational card and an activity based around the idea of sustainability and connecting with the outdoors. The box will be hassle free, containing all dry ingredients and materials for craft / activity. 

Little Crumbs will be working to make our boxes as environmentally friendly as possible. Some of the areas we have looked at to do this include sourcing boxes made from 90% recycled cardboard that are fully recyclable and weighing all dry ingredients to prevent extra waste. 

Paint Pots and Pastels – The Illustrator

We wanted to incorporate illustrations to create an engaging and magical experience. We met up with Amelia Willows to discuss our vision. Originally from York, Amelia studied Fine Art at Northumbria University. Amelia sent us some sketches that we felt fit our vision perfectly and after a cup of coffee and a chat, Little Crumbs had their illustrator. For this project Amelia chose to use watercolours and pencil whilst being inspired by feelings of nostalgia and human personalities. 

Amelia’s talent has been highlighted through her diverse work, previously focusing on adult portraits to now working on children’s illustrations. We are delighted to be able to support a new artist through our new journey. View some of Amelia’s previous work and show her some support by following her at: https://www.instagram.com/ameliawillows_art/

We hope that our boxes deliver a magical experience from delivery to completion for each child.  Each box should encourage children to connect with nature, inspire healthy eating choices and learn valuable skills through cooking. We know how crazy the life of a parent can be so our boxes are aimed to be as hassle free as possible whilst keeping your Little Crumb entertained, engaged and educated. 

In August 2019 I set up Little Crumbs with the aim to make food fun through hands on, creative and educational cookery classes. That was just the start of our journey and we hope that you continue to follow us through the rest. 

Want to be notified when we launch?

Email “I would like to be notified” to enquiries@littlecrumbs.co.uk for a reminder when our boxes are ready to order. 

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